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Teen in critical condition after falling out of moving car

HIGHLAND – A 16-year old boy is in critical but stable condition after a strange accident in Highland early this morning.

Investigators say the boy was with friends as they were driving along Highland Boulevard around three in the morning.  Lone Peak Police Detective Dave Ventrano says, “According to the driver, the male was hanging out of the window and fell out of the car.”

The boy’s friends immediately stopped to help.  They put him back in their car and tried to drive him to the hospital themselves.  However, Ventrano says the victim’s head trauma was too severe.  “They realized he was in pretty bad condition, so they stopped at the grocery store on Highland Boulevard and called 911,” he says.

Ventrano says stopping and calling for help was likely the best decision they could make for the victim.  He had to be flown to Primary Children’s Hospital with severe head trauma.

He says this is a reminder for people, especially young drivers, to be safe behind the wheel.  Ventrano says, “Vehicles are not toys and you need to treat them with respect.  Obviously, I believe if he would have been in his seat belt, this wouldn’t have happened.”