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Police identify driver in crash that killed infant

HERRIMAN – Police are releasing the name of the man who they believe was responsible for a fatal crash that killed a nine-month old girl, and sent several other people to the hospital.

The conditions of the parents inside the minivan that was destroyed in last night’s crash have been upgraded.

“However, they still have a [daughter] who was in the van, also, that is still in critical condition,” says Unified Police Lieutenant Brian Lohrke.

Lawrence Probert was driving his truck northbound on the Mountain View Corridor when he approached the crash site at Rosecrest Boulevard.  Investigators have not officially determined who is at fault.  They still have to look at the data boxes stored in the stop light and the data devices in each vehicle.  Lohrke says they do have some indications, though.

“There were two cars that were going east and west through that intersection.  So, we can easily assume they had the green [light] and the truck had the red,” Lohrke says.

Officers didn’t have time to check for impairment last night, since their top priority was getting people to the hospital.

Since 2010, there have been four serious crashes in that area.

“Any time you have a crash like this, we look at if there’s an engineering solution or anything we can do to improve safety,” according to UDOT Spokesman John Gleason, adding, “We’ve added signage.  We’ve added warning lights letting people know that they’re approaching a light that’s changing red.”

(Photo Credit: Nicole Vowell, KSL TV)