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Family of victim upset after suspected murderer is released on bail

TREMONTON — The family of a 33-year-old man shot to death in Tremonton is devastated after the man’s suspected killer was released from jail this week.

Brandon Thompson is accused of shooting Michael Hogenson to death after an argument earlier this month. He’s facing three felony charges including aggravated murder, obstruction of justice, and possession of a firearm by a restricted person. He was released on bail this week after paying $40,680 in cash.

When Michael Hogenson’s family found out the man accused in his death was walking free just a week after his death, they were shocked.

“I was devastated. That low of an amount was kind of a slap in the face,” said a close family member who wanted to keep her identity private. “He had guns. He had no regard for the law and now he’s back out in the community.”

Thompson is accused of shooting and killing Hogenson after an argument earlier this month.

Hogenson’s family member said she is worried Thompson won’t come back and they will lose their chance for justice. In the probable cause statement, Tremonton Police warned the court that Thompson is self-employed and has very little tying him to Utah.

“The only thing keeping Brandon around is his relationship with his girlfriend, which has an unknown status due to these recent events,” the statement reads.

‘To have such a low bail amount, even if it’s a cash-only bail, it just doesn’t sit right,” Hogenson’s family member said. “It should be more.”

Court documents show the prosecuting attorney also argued to raise the amount, and a new bail hearing is set for Monday.