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Murray Police investigating possible sexual assault at softball field

MURRAY – A report of a sexual assault at a softball field in Murray has parents and league operators on edge.  They’re concerned about the safety of their players.

The Murray Softball League addressed the report on their Facebook page, saying, the assault happened in the bathroom of the fields near Riverview Junior High School.

It reads, ” I’m writing to inform you of a very serious crime that occurred at the Murray Softball fields (behind Riverview Jr). It was reported to me today that a person was sexually assaulted in the restrooms on Wednesday April 25. The assault occurred sometime after the Murray High School Softball game. I do not have additional details at this time. The police are actively investigating the crime. To the best of my knowledge, the police do not have a suspect in custody. Please share the information, you feel is appropriate, with your children. I take the responsibility for the safety of your children very seriously and have tried to build a community event where they are safe. Please help me by: picking up players promptly after events, being vigilant in reporting suspicious activity, reminding players to use the buddy system when they are away from the group.”

Taylorsville Fastpitch Softball League President Natalie Mowbray says this makes them especially concerned since they play there twice a week.

“It’s a very scary situation, and I’m devastated for the person who had to go through this,” Mowbray says.

She’s also asking parents to be extra mindful of suspicious activity around them, plus, she’s telling all of the players in her league to travel in groups if they leave the crowd.

“The buddy system is great, but if you can have more than two people with you, I highly recommend that,” she adds.

Meanwhile, police say the case is so new, they don’t have much to go on.  They’ve been told the victim is a female in her high school years, but, they don’t have any description of a suspect.

“There is very little information that we have, other than a report has been made,” according to Murray Police Detective Kenny Bass.