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Baby camera catches man breaking into Layton home while mother and baby sleep inside

LAYTON – It sounds like the beginning of a horror movie.  A shadowy figure watching over his victim while they slept, not knowing he was there.  One Layton woman says that’s exactly what happened in her home early Monday morning.

Layton Police say the homeowners became concerned after the victim’s husband came home and noticed things were slightly off inside the house.  Lights that were normally on had been turned off.  Lieutenant Travis Lyman says the residents decided to look at the video captured by baby-cam placed over their son’s crib.

That’s when they see the total stranger walking inside the bedroom while the woman and the baby were asleep.

Lyman says the video shows why one of the main lights was off.

“He goes over and he actually dims that light down.  He comes back and he spends several minutes in the bedroom, at one point exposing himself and then standing right next to the bed where the woman is sleeping, and the baby is just right there in the crib,” Lyman says

The woman, who wants to stay anonymous, says her main concern is the safety of her kids.  She has a two-year old daughter who sleeps in another room, and she feels her son could have been kidnapped, easily.

“He walked right past my son and he could have just picked him up.  My son is at the age where if somebody picked him up, he wouldn’t cry,’ she says, adding, ‘He could have just taken him.”

She’s not sure how the suspect broke into her home.  None of her windows were broken or open, and all of the doors were locked, except for the door that leads from inside the garage into their home.  She also wonders how long this suspect had been watching her.

“The person really seemed to know his way around our room. He knew right where to go to turn down our lamp and he knew his way around our bed.  We don’t even have friends come into our bedroom,” she claims.

Investigators hope the baby-cam video will help them track the suspect down.  The video doesn’t get a good shot of the man’s face, but, he was wearing light-colored slip on shoes, dark jeans and a light, possibly multi-colored sweatshirt.

Lyman says late night break-ins can turn deadly, very quickly.

“We wouldn’t be surprised, at all, if someone confronted somebody in their home in that way.  It’s just extremely startling, scary and dangerous for everybody involved, really,” Lyman says.