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Account set up to help slain woman’s mother come to Utah

(Photo: GoFundMe account)

PROVO – The family of Elizabeth Salgado say her mother is desperate to come to Utah to see her daughter’s remains.  A GoFundMe account has been set up to help cover those expenses.

Libertad Salgado-Figueroa posted a heartbroken message on her Facebook account, which goes by the name “Mother of Elizabeth Elena Laguna Salgado.”  It was written in Spanish, shortly after police confirmed her daughter’s remains were found in Hobble Creek Canyon.

It reads, “My daughter was such a precious angel who did not deserve this.  So innocent, so humble, they took away her dreams, her goals and her hopes in life.”

“I need justice for my daughter, Elizabeth Elena Laguna Salgado.  Without delay, we need to find who is responsible.  Please help and speak up if you know something.  We are a family that continues to suffer too much and we need your help to find the guilty.  Please help me.  I beg from my soul.”

It continues to say, “I need to be there to see where you found my daughter Elizabeth’s body. Please help me I’m begging you. I want to go and see, ask and find justice. I can’t wait that long,”

Meanwhile, Utah County Sheriff’s investigators say they have a lot of catching up to do on the case that Provo Police began.

Lieutenant Erik Knutzen says, “They have three years of information.  We came across this case just last Friday.”

Provo Police and the Utah County Sheriff’s Office will meet on Tuesday so they can share all of the information that has been collected so far.  Knutzen says they’re getting tips and possible leads ever since the remains were found, however, some of those leads have already been cleared.

“We’ve made a couple of phone calls with the person who has been calling those leads in, then we find out that those leads have already been vetted by Provo Police,” Knutzen says.