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Large boa constrictor missing, found in Nephi

The red-tailed boa missing then found on Wednesday Courtesy Clint Robertson

NEPHI — A brief scare for Nephi residents Wednesday afternoon, when they were told a 7 1/2 foot long boa constrictor was on the loose.

The Juab County Sheriff’s office says a red-tailed boa was missing.

The snake’s owner contacted them after returning home and finding its pen open.

“Family members had left the door to the enclosure open, and they searched through the home and his own property and was unable to find it, so he notified us,” said Nephi Police Lt. Jace Peterson.

Two officers, an animal control officer and the owner were out looking for the big snake.

It was captured after about five hours. It was reportedly hiding in the basement the whole time.

Animal experts say there was never any danger to the public. It is legal to keep non-venomous snakes as pets in Utah; however, some cities do require permits. A reptile that size would eat rodents as its main diet.