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Family of motorcycle crash victim say they were traumatized by video posted to Facebook

(Photo Credit: Robert Adams)

OGDEN – Family members of a woman killed in a motorcycle crash earlier this month say there are a lot of lessons that people need to learn from her death.  They’re asking drivers to be more aware of motorcycles and to be more mindful of what they post on social media from the scene of a crash.

Jennifer and Robert Adams loved riding their motorcycles together.  The couple was part of a trio of riders that called themselves “Shake and Bake.”

Robert Adams says, “She had a heart of gold.  You could do anything wrong to her and she would forgive you.”

He says his wife was killed after a driver reportedly slammed on their brakes to make an illegal turn.  She couldn’t stop in time, and she was thrown off her bike. He adds that riding is becoming more dangerous since people have a hard time seeing the motorcycles around them.

“People don’t understand motorcycles don’t just stop on a dime.  Since I have been riding, just this summer, I’ve had ten close calls,” Adams says.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Adams’s sister, Radonna Matchett, says she watched an online video of her sister just minutes before she died.  She found out her sister died because of what people posted on Facebook.

“We’re actually seeing our sister receive CPR and we’re not there.  It is horrifying and traumatizing,” Matchett says.

She’s asking people to make sure they don’t show the victims of any kind of crash when they post a video to social media.