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On-ramp repairs expected to cause traffic problems in Sandy

SANDY – Constant heat in the Salt Lake Valley has led to some pretty significant damage to a busy on-ramp in Sandy.

As a result, the Utah Department of Transportation is concerned about weekend traffic problems as it makes emergency repairs.

UDOT hasn’t had to deal with freeway buckling issues in the Salt Lake Valley for a few years. That’s what’s happening though on the top of the northbound I-15 on-ramp at 90th South. Spokesman John Gleason says rocks and other debris fall between the concrete panels. That becomes a problem during long periods of heat.

“Concrete panels expand and if there is debris or rocks in between the panels and the joints, then, sometimes, it doesn’t have anywhere to expand but up,” Gleason said.

Three lanes of the northbound ramp will have to be restricted while crews make more repairs. This will last from Friday night until Sunday afternoon.

“We’ll usually put in a temporary fix and then schedule a time where there are not as many vehicles out so we can get in there and make the permanent solution,” Gleason said.

Gleason is also asking drivers to be on the lookout for additional problems with the road surface.  The hot forecast could cause more buckling issues.

“More extended days of 90 to 100 degrees, we could see more of these,” Gleason said.

Transportation officials are especially concerned about traffic leaving Sandy on Saturday night.  The lanes will be restricted during the Utah Royals game, and 90th South is the on-ramp many people use to go home following Royals games. Gleason recommended people use 106th South instead.