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UHP cracks down on aggressive drivers in Davis County

DAVIS COUNTY – People driving on I-15 or Legacy Parkway in Davis County will want to be on their best behavior for the next couple of days.  The Utah Highway Patrol will have a dozen extra motorcycle troopers patrolling that county looking for aggressive drivers.

When it comes to “aggressive drivers,” what exactly does UHP mean?

“They’re looking for those that are aggressive, that are exceeding the speed limit and following too close all at the same time,” according to UHP Lieutenant Todd Royce, who adds, “They’re looking for those people that when you see them on the road, you’re thinking, ‘Wow, those people are dangerous.’”

Royce says different areas have different kinds of aggressive drivers.  In long stretches of straight roads, people are more prone to speed.  In curvy areas, people are more likely to leave their lanes.  Plus, Royce says, many drivers like to treat Legacy Parkway like a regular freeway, which it isn’t.

“The posted speed limit on Legacy is 55 miles an hour.  You’ll see excessive speed on Legacy, and you’ll see troopers out there writing those citations,” he says.

Troopers will also be looking for equipment violations.  Royce says those are becoming more prevalent ever since yearly safety inspections went away.  He adds that many people are “fudging the laws.”

“They’re getting their windows too dark.  They might run their tires bald,” he says.

Eventually, UHP will focus on areas all along the Wasatch Front, depending on when they can arrange the extra manpower.