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Orem police say fake website was created to scam car buyers

(Photo: Screen grab)

OREM – Scammers have found a creative way to bilk their victims out of money, and they’re using a real mechanic in Orem as their fall guy.

Police were notified about the scam after the owner of Tavos Motors came into the station, claiming that several people have come into his shop and demanding he deliver the car they purchased.

“He started having people come into his business saying, ‘Hey, I sent you all this money and you never sent me my car.  You won’t return my calls.’  He’s been very confused by it,” according to Orem Police Lieutenant Craig Martinez.

The owner of that business has purchased old cars in the past to refurbish and sell them, but, Martinez says that doesn’t happen very often.

Martinez adds, “He does no online business, whatsoever.  He always [works] face to face.  He doesn’t even have a website.”

Investigators believe the scammers used the name of Tavos Motors to appear like a legitimate business and tricked people into buying refurbished cars online

“Someone has created not only a website, but a Facebook page using his business’ name and even some photos from is business,” according to Martinez.

Police are trying to find as many victims as possible, whether they live inside Utah or not.  Martinez says they can ask Google to block the company’s name in internet searches.  However, shutting the website down will be a hard thing to do.

He says, “It’s a little more difficult than just making a phone call.”