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Jorge Nieto, 21.
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Alert jogger breaks free from attacker, leads Roy police to him

ROY — A woman’s quick reaction and screaming helped Roy Police capture a man they say assaulted her as she jogged in West Park.

“She reported that he had snuck up behind her and grabbed her from behind,” said Det. Josh Taylor.

“She was able to yell out, which made him let go of her, and he ran away,” Taylor said.

Taylor added the woman ran and got her husband and they eventually found Jorge Nieto, 21.

The couple started recording video of him on their cellphone and police caught Nieto shortly after.

“Driving around, I think that was good,” Taylor said. “We really don’t want people to chase after them.”

“We don’t know what the other person could do but she did a very good job,” he added.

The probable cause statement says Nieto told police he had been drinking and had “a moment of weakness.”

Police considered him a flight risk because he had only been in Utah for four months, and he didn’t recall his address.