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Saint George teen ready for more stunts after almost dying over the weekend

Ryan Bean and his mother, Laura, leaving Primary Children's Hospital

SAINT GEORGE – A 15-year old Instagram star, known for his wild stunts, is out of the hospital after a relatively small stunt nearly killed him over the weekend.

Compared to the other jumps on Ryan Bean’s Instagram page, the one he attempted on Saturday seemed tame.  He was simply performing a flip from a slide into a pool.  He doesn’t remember banging his head on a rock underwater, knocking him out, cold.  All Ryan Bean can remember is waking up outside of the pool.

“My friend took a video.  He didn’t know what I was doing, so, I only knew what happened when I saw the video,” Bean says.

His friend, Tyson Parker, was there to record the stunt.  After being underwater for roughly 40 seconds, Parker pulled him out of the water.

(Photo Credit: Laura Bean)

“I’m glad that he was there to pull me out, or else I could have died,” Bean says.

Bean’s mother, Laura, says she’s been talking with her son’s rescuer, thanking him, constantly.

“Thank you.  We owe you everything.  There’s no way we could every repay you for saving his life,” she says.

She can remember getting the phone call from her son’s friends, saying he had hit his head.  After he went home, Ryan’s breathing was off and he started coughing up blood.  He was seen by doctors in Saint George, then he was flown to Primary Children’s Hospital, where he was released today.

Laura Bean says she can now watch the video of her son being underwater without freaking out.  She vividly remembers the first time she watched it.

“[I thought] ‘Holy crap!’  I just I kept thinking, the whole time, ‘Go get him.  Go get him,’” she says.

Despite this close call, Ryan says he can’t wait to do more stunts for his fans.