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DMT drug lab discovered in Cottonwood Heights; arrests made

COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS — Police have made arrests, and HAZMAT crews are dealing with a drug lab inside an apartment complex near 1200 East 7200 South.

Cottonwood Heights Police got calls for a possible burglary and searched the suspect couple’s car.

“They took both suspects into custody and got a search warrant for their vehicle,” said Lt. Dan Bartlett. “When (police) got into the vehicle, the officers started getting sick with headaches, a burning in their throat, noses and lungs.

They saw a bunch of glassware, so they pulled out and called HAZMAT.”

Bartlett says crews discovered a drug lab to produce DMT, which is a psychedelic drug like LSD.

“It’s a schedule-1 controlled substance and it is illegal for them to produce,” Bartlett said. “We have someone from the DEA and our crime scene unit pulling it apart and going through it.”

Bartlett says the evicted couple was trying to leave Cottonwood Heights’ Waterside Apartments overnight. He adds Daniel Orton, 37, has a history of building drug labs.

Bartlett says a woman who is six-months pregnant will likely be arrested after receiving medical care.