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four women ask state supreme court to investigate sex assault cases
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Women ask state Supreme Court to handle denied sex assault cases

SALT LAKE CITY — Salt Lake County’s district attorney is responding to a petition to the Utah Supreme Court that says his office didn’t pursue four different sexual assault cases.

Crystal Madill, 30, says Sim Gill’s office dropped the ball.

“You’re raised in America to think we have this system that helps protect us,” she said.

Four Utah women want the state Supreme Court to provide a special prosecutor to take their sexual assault cases, saying Utah law allows that.

Dist. Atty. Sim Gill says there were reasons these cases could not move forward.

“Does that mean that any time a prosecutor declines (a case) that it automatically has a fast track to the Supreme Court?” he asked.

Still, Gill says he’ll review all the women’s cases.

“We try to meet with individuals to see if there’s new evidence that we have,” he said. “If you don’t like a conclusion that we’ve reached, you could also have concurrent jurisdiction with the (Utah) Attorney General’s Office.”

Madill says she was sexually assaulted in a massage parlor.

“When you don’t get backed up by the justice system, the rest of your community starts to question you and question what happened to you.”

Gill is in a re-election race with Nathan Evershed, one of his deputy district attorneys.