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Josh Powell, husband and suspected killer of Susan Powell
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Ex-girlfriend of Josh Powell shares what she knows about Susan Powell’s disappearance

A young Josh Powell, the lead suspect in the disappearance of his Susan and the confirmed murderer of their two children, shows up for a date with flowers in hand. (Cold / KSL Newsradio)

In December 2009, Catherine Terry Everett saw a familiar face on TV. It was Josh Powell: a man she’d dated ten years before and a man who, now, was the lead suspect in the disappearance of his wife, Susan Powell.

For nine years, Everett has stayed silent about her about her part in the Powells’ story. She’s spoken to police, but as the story has developed – from Josh killing his own sons in an apparent murder-suicide to the police declaring the case cold – her name has never once appeared in the news.

But now, at long last, she has agreed to sit down with Cold’s Dave Cawley and talk about what she knows.

“Whatever’s he’s done, he’s already done.”

Catherine Terry Everett

Catherine Terry Everett was Josh Powell’s only serious girlfriend before he married Susan Powell, who is suspected of killed. She is seen here giving an exclusive interview with Dave Cawley for the KSL podcast Cold. (Cold / KSL Newsradio)

“This is not going to end well,” Everett told her husband when she saw Josh’s face on TV. “Knowing the way he was, if they don’t find her quick, whatever he’s done, he’s already done.”

She’d dated Josh for 16 months between 1998 and 1999. She knew him well – and she’d learned to fear him. He had tried to control her life, drained their bank accounts, and showed a strange repulsion to any form of physical affection.

Already, she knew what he was capable of doing. She took to social media, writing: “I pray that Josh comes forward” mere months after Susan’s disappearance.

Catherine Terry Everett Facebook Post

“I pray that Josh comes forward,” Catherine Terry Everett, Josh Powell’s ex-girlfriend, wrote just two months after Susan’s disappearance. (Cold / KSL Newsradio)

She’d impacted his life, too. The police’s Forensic Psychologist had detailed their relationship in his evaluation of Josh’s mental health, and Josh had written about her time and time again in his personal journals. More often than not, he’d gone back over those entries in a rage later, blocking out her name with furious streaks of Wite-Out.

That had been enough to cut her out of the story until Dave Cawley, working on a three-year-long investigation into Susan Powell’s disappearance for his podcast Cold, finally tracked her down.

For the first time, Catherine Terry Everett has agreed to an interview. She’s shared what she knows about Josh and why, as soon as Susan’s disappearance hit the news, she was so sure that Josh Powell was behind it.

Listen to the interview and find out about the Josh Powell that only she knew on Dave Cawley’s Cold.

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