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MOVIE SHOW: Avengers Endgame, everything you may have missed in the new Trailer

“The end is just part of the journey.”


We’re currently in the middle of one of the biggest weeks for Marvel promo that’s ever happened. Just this Monday Marvel released a new trailer for their hotly anticipated Captian Marvel movie starring Bree Larson, yesterday we saw the even bigger release for the now named Avengers 4 movie, Avengers Endgame rounding out the companies Phase 3, and is reporting that the Spiderman: Far From Home, which is more than likely set to start out a new chapter for the franchise, is going to be released sometime today between noon and 2:00 pm today.**

But back to the new Avengers trailer. Endgame comes as the culmination of previous 22 blockbuster films that Marvel has released since 2008 is set to (hopefully) put the puzzle pieces back together after the events of the big blue Titan’s Thanos’ snap in the last film.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of both the teaser and the name which Marvel has done a good job at keeping well hidden through the last months. Keeping fans guessing and waiting with their coy callouts and hint dropping. But yesterday all was finally revealed.

Amassing more than 42 Million views since its release early yesterday morning, you’ve probably already seen this trailer show up somewhere on your journey through the Internet over the last 24 hours. were probably one of those that saw this new and somber trailer showing us the surviving Avengers.

Immediately fans are greeted with a somber view of Tony Stark as he’s recording what seems to be his last message to his fiance and long-term girlfriend Pepper Pots on his still half destroyed Iron Man helmet. Still, a little bruised from their failed attempt to snag the Infinity Gauntlet on Titan from Thanos it looks like Tony and Nebula have made it off of Titan commandeered the Guardians ship, Benatar. With no more food remaining and the air quickly running out. It doesn’t seem that there’s much hope left for Tony.

This has led fans to wonder what’s going to become of the man that started us all out on this journey 10 years ago. Rumors and speculation are that with the newly announced Captian Marvel movie that Carol Danvers herself might make the rescue, or, in hearkening back to Tony’s line about no hope for rescue, that Pepper Pot’s might just be the one to come and save the day taking on the role of Rescue donning a suit that Tony might have stashed away for just such an emergency. Which might happen with a leaked photo of actress Gwyneth Paltrow rocking a suit that looks pretty Ironman-ish But we all know that Tony was the guy who built an entire Iron Man suit in a cave 10 years ago, so we’re hoping that he can think his way out of this one, but up to this point, we’ll just have to wait until April to find out.


After a really heartbreaking callback to the dusting off some of our favorite characters as the new Marvel Studios logo drifts off in the wind, fans are treated to callback to the original comics that inspired this whole timeline of events as we’re then shown the  imposing scarecrow made up of Thanos’ armor, which is a direct callback reference to the comic books where the heroes in searching for Thanos stumble into his farm on their search for the Titan who appears to be peacefully living off the land, scorched Infinity Gauntlet firmly on his big blue hand.

But the trailer doesn’t spend too much time on the antagonist, quickly after those two shots we find ourselves back on Terra Firma where our earthbound Avengers are still processing the events of the snap. Captain America and the Black Widow are holding down the battered, and incredibly empty-looking Avengers base trying to figure out what their next move is. With half the universe returned to dust, the good guys are missing quite a chunk of their team.

Cap is rocking the suit that appears to be the same one that he donned in the Winter Soldier movies, leading some to believe that there may be some time travel introduced into the movie as the heroes try and right the events that have transpired and get their friends back.

One of the most surprising details of this new trailer is the fact that we get reintroduced to Clint Barton, better known as the Robin Hood-esque Hawkeye, but it appears that he’s shed the bow and arrow in favor of a samurai sword. A move that hints that our man in tights might not just have changed his weapon of choice, but that he may have shed his Identity as Hawkeye in favor of the more sinister Ronin.

After the reveal of the much-awaited title for the 4th installment of the Avengers movies, things take a lighter turn when Paul Rudd’s Antman makes his return from the Quantum Realm with his silly van packed with all sorts of tech in the boot.

With the last installment grossing well over half a billion dollars on its opening weekend we can expect Endgame will make similar numbers with its release in April as it brings an end to the Phase 3 plans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


** (EDIT: The trailer was expected to be aired publicly today, but was shown as an exclusive to the attendee’s of Brasil’s Comic-Con)

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