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Concerns after rock slides by Pineview Dam

HUNTSVILLE, Utah — Reports came in to KSL Newsradio early Wednesday morning of another rockslide by Pineview Dam, in the same area where a man was critically injured by a falling boulder on Saturday.

People wrote in to say small rocks were partially covering two lanes on State Route 158, where it meets SR 39 by the spillway. No cars were damaged during this latest slide and the rocks were reported as cleared by 6:30 am.

A large rock smashed into a truck windshield on Saturday afternoon, causing the man to crash into the side of the mountain.

People who often drive through the area are wondering if more can be done to prevent such slides.

UDOT says they to try to watch for it, but the land above the road is owned by the federal government.

“If there’s anything that looks like it could be trouble, that’s something we can address, but most of the time, you’re not going to see these things before they happen, unfortunately,” said spokesman John Gleason.

Gleason said it can be common for rocks to come loose this time of year because of the constant freezing and thawing process.


The Weber County Sheriff’s office called Saturday’s accident “very uncommon.”


“Every now and then we’ll have larger rocks come down but we’ve never, to my knowledge, had someone injured like this,” said Sgt. Stephanie Tatton.