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Mascot mayhem during the Sugar Bowl

NEW ORLEANS – With bowl season across the College Football world coming to a close with the new year as teams fought it out to see who would come out on top, one fight was a little bit different though.

During Tuesday’s Sugar Bowl between No. 5 ranked Georgia and No 15. ranked Texas the games biggest action came before the first snap even happened, and it wasn’t between any of the players, but rather between the mascots.

With almost an hour left before kickoff fans and internet, speculators almost got the answer to an oft-pondered question: If the mascots between schools were to fight each other, which one would come out on top?


Well, it seems like Texas’ Bevo XV, the 1,600-pound longhorn steer who has a horn span of 58 inches, wanted to try his luck against Georgia’s 62 pound English bulldog Uga.

The pair were being lined up for a photo shoot when Bevo knocked through the metal barriers surrounding him and steered straight for the bulldog.

“He was just going to say hi.” Patrick Dowell, a senior from Texas and one of Bevo’s handlers told ESPN.

“He’s as docile as a lamb,” said John Baker, who owns Sunrise Ranch, where Bevo XV was bred said in the same article. “That’s the first time he’s done that this year.”

The commentators for the game had a hay day throughout the whole run, that happened nearly an hour before kickoff, wondering if the charge from Bevo would constitute as a targeting call.

Order was quickly restored by the cowboy hat-clad handlers wrangled up the bull. No one was hurt.



It looks like we won’t get a definitive answer on who out of these two mascots would win if a battle did take place, but in the human match-up afterward, it seems that the Longhorns prevailed with a 28-21.