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Police are getting more information from public about Shinners shooting

PROVO – The man suspected of shooting and killing Provo Police Officer Joseph Shinners isn’t expected to be released from the hospital for several days, if not longer.  Meanwhile, Orem Police say they’re building a good case against him.

Investigators asked for anyone who may have witnessed the shooting to come forward, and people are responding.

“We have been contacted by at least two individuals,” according to Lieutenant Todd Colledge.

Plus, Colledge confirms both Shinners and another officer who approached Matt Hoover in the Bed Bath and Beyond parking lot were both wearing body cameras, and investigators have that footage.  Colledge can’t say when that video would be released.

“As long as there is an active investigation, our body camera footage will not be released.  It will be up to the administrations on Provo and Orem’s side to release the body camera footage, if they decide to,” he says.

The Provo Police Department has been preparing a vigil in Shinners’ honor for the past several days.  Sergeant Nisha King says they always knew it would be an emotional event.

King says, “It’s planned that we would have five officers speak who were some of his closest friends at the department.”

The officers in the Provo Police Department are trying to recover, as well as they can, but, King says the support has been overwhelming.

“Oh my goodness.  We’ve had tremendous amounts of support in our immediate community and nationally,” she says.

Officers say Hoover is still in stable condition, but, he hasn’t awakened, yet.