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Fashion Place Mall Shooting Evacuation Murray suspect
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Police announce new arrests in Murray mall shooting

People evacuate after a reported shooting at Fashion Place Mall in Murray on Sunday, Jan. 13, 2019. (Photo: Spenser Heaps, Deseret News)

MURRAY — Police announced three more people have been arrested in a shooting outside Fashion Place Mall in Murray.

Police announced Thursday they had arrested Steven Perez-Hernandez, 18, Arian Huerta, 20, and Flaviano Aguilar, 20, in connection with the mall shooting, which sent two people to the hospital Sunday afternoon.

Murray Police Officer Kenny Bass says they were part of the gang that initiated the gunfire.

However, two key suspects are still on the loose.

“The shooter that actually struck the two people is outstanding, as well as the shooter for the other gang that fired back at them,” Bass says.

Bass says they’ve been getting a lot of information from other law enforcement agencies about possible suspects connected to these gangs.

“Our detectives have been working with other task forces, like the Salt Lake Metro Gang Unit, as well as a federal task force,” he adds.

That makes a total of five people arrested since the shooting. Police have said they believe rival gangs got into some kind of dispute in the mall, which then moved outside before turning physical. They said the two victims who went to the hospital were also gang members.