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Mrs. Michelle Weiss – Rocky Mountain Elementary

Dear KSL,

We are nominating Michelle Weiss for teacher feature.

Michelle teaches Special Education, first through third grade children with learning and mental disabilities at Rocky Mountain Elementary in Lindon, Utah. She is a phenomenal teacher and spends countless extra hours in preparation for her students not only during the school year but over the summer as well.

Michelle has put her soul into learning to understand and communicate effectively with her students and in preparing interesting lessons and creating meaningful experiences at many different levels. She has spent endless hours and her own money on making her classroom a fun place for the students to enter and learn. She loves her students and their little personalities, and that care permeates the atmosphere of her classroom. Michelle is able to show empathy and concern for her students because she has had some difficulties in her life which has prepared her to be a wonderful and caring teacher.

One of her ED students moved to another school and was having problems. When asked why he did so well in Mrs. Weiss’ class he remarked, “I knew that she cared about me.”

The mother of an autistic child who was in Michelle’s class called Michelle one night in tears. This mother said that her son had read a book out loud for the first time ever. The mother attributed that major milestone to Michelle’s dedication and love for her students.

Michelle deserves kudos for her desire to better the lives of those she teaches. She is truly trying to improve the quality of their lives and help them succeed and be a contributing member of society through education.

Thank you for considering Michelle for this award.

Rick and Penny Weiss (In-laws)