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Centro de la Familia de Utah

Centro de la Familia de Utah helps low-income families in many rural areas of Utah access high-quality preschool education, healthcare, parenting classes, and other family services.
They provide parent education on a variety of health topics through home visits, workshops, and parent meetings including: tobacco prevention, oral health, nutrition, physical activity, and domestic violence.
Preschool children get physical activity, brush their teeth twice per day, and they are served two nutritious meals and a snack each day. Children also receive physical exams and health screenings.
Family service specialists assist families in finding a regular doctor and dentist they can visit to maintain regular check-ups. Based on the family’s unique needs, they also refer them to other available community resources, including translation and transportation. Each family has the opportunity to set health goals and work to achieve them. Regular home visits throughout the year ensure continued success.
SelectHealth recognizes the specialized services offered by Centro de la Familia de Utah as another example of how Utah Gives Back.