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United Angels Foundation

United Angels Foundation is an organization that focuses on helping parents and families adjust to the birth of a child with special needs or disabilities. The Foundation was formed in 2008 by parents who have a child with Down Syndrome. They wanted to help by providing parents with the opportunity to meet others who have a child with the same or similar diagnosis. Parents know the benefits of sharing knowledge across these different spectrums and help each other through their journeys.
United Angels Foundation supports parents and families of children with ALL disabilities and special needs through three main areas: interaction, education, and resources. Examples of these include: newborn visits, parent lunches, online chat forums, family activities, and education seminars.
Creating a collaborative and inclusive environment will help to promote the healthy development of each child. Parent- to-parent support can be the key to understanding and embracing the opportunities and challenges a child with special needs brings into their lives.
SelectHealth recognizes the specialized support provided by United Angels Foundation as another example of how Utah Gives Back.