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Common Ground Outdoor Adventures

The mission of Common Ground Outdoor Adventures in Logan is to provide outdoor recreational opportunities for youth and adults with disabilities. They enhance lives through quality outdoor recreation by removing many of the physical, social, and financial barriers faced by those with disabilities.
Healthy lifestyles and exercise are proven measures to curb specific health problems such as obesity. Parents and families at Common Ground Outdoor Adventures learn to play together and develop a recreational leisure lifestyle.
Children with disabilities often don’t have access to adaptive equipment and support needed to participate in outdoor recreational activities. Adaptive equipment is expensive, and parents are burdened with doctor visits and other expenses associated with raising a child with special needs. Riding a bike is something ALL kids should have access to. Common Ground’s Strider Camp teaches children with balance problems to ride a bike with their peers. Without these programs, many children would be at home all day watching television.
SelectHealth recognizes the amazing experiences provided by Common Ground Outdoor Adventures as another example of how Utah Gives Back.