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Utah Safety Council

Did you know you have a 98% chance of surviving a shark attack, but only a 50% chance of surviving a car crash with no seat belt? Traffic crashes affect people of all ages, but is especially concerning that they are the leading cause of death of children in the U.S. In most cases, children passenger injuries and deaths could have been prevented by wearing a seat belt or correctly installing a car or booster seat.
The Utah Safety Council is dedicated to saving lives by promoting safety and health through education, services, and products. Through their Buckle Up for Love program they increase awareness of the importance of child safety seats and seat belts as well as Utah’s occupant protection laws.
If you see a child in a car with no seat belt, write down the license plate number and call 800.877.KIDS and the Utah Safety Council will remind them of the life-saving information regarding their child and can provide a free car seat inspection by a certified technician.