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Bridgerland Literacy

Bridgerland Literacy in Logan matches adult non-readers with trained tutors to help them learn how to read and become more functional in the home, the workplace, and the community. This free service is offered to all adults who are below an 8th grade reading level and are conversational in English.
Nearly 14% of the U.S. population reads below a 5th grade level, with 43% of this number living in poverty. Individuals may feel shame and embarrassment and often hide in the shadows of illiteracy. In Cache Valley, the goal of Bridgerland Literacy is to reach this population.
Students define their individual learning needs within the context of their everyday life. From these needs, learning goals are established which will motivate students to improve their reading, writing, and other literacy skills. Participants’ love and thirst for knowledge grows, and their lives, and the lives they touch, can change for the better, including better jobs and increased community involvement.
SelectHealth recognizes the empowering skills from Bridgerland Literacy as another example of how Utah Gives Back.