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Springville Youth Court

Springville Youth Court was established to give juvenile offenders a second chance for correcting bad behavior. It uses a team approach connecting the community, peers and family with the offender and giving them hope for positive change.
Springville Youth Court is based on restorative justice allowing juvenile offenders to repair the harm caused, give back to the community, or develop a talent, interest, or skill. The longer a child remains in school and out of the legal system, the greater the chance they will not be repeat offenders. If a juvenile offender appears before the Youth Court, agrees to the sentence given by their peers, and fulfills all requirements, they stay out of the Juvenile Legal System and their record remains clean. Parents or guardians must be involved in the process as well.
The juvenile offenders are also given mentors of their own age that make weekly contact encouraging them to make positive choices and fulfill the Youth Court requirements. The sentences strive to provide a community connection, accountability, and skill development.
SelectHealth recognizes the active prevention approach by the Springville Youth Court as another example of how Utah Gives Back.