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Utah Foster Care

More than 2,700 children in Utah are in foster care. Did you know that each year our state’s children need more than 500 new foster families to care for them? It’s up to an organization, Utah Foster Care, to find those families and train them to nurture children who have been traumatized from abuse and neglect.
Each one of these kids deserves to be in a stable and loving home—with a chance to have a normal childhood. There are many ways we all can make a difference in their lives.
Through community outreach, Utah Foster Care finds quality families to open their hearts and homes. Special donor-funded programs directly enrich children’s lives, while offering support to the foster families who are dedicated to providing safety and healing. And all foster parents are a vital part of Utah’s child welfare team.
Foster care changes lives—and not just the child’s. To learn more visit
SelectHealth recognizes the dedication and expertise from Utah Foster Care as another example of how Utah Gives Back.