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DOVE Center

Domestic violence and sexual assault affects 1 in 3 women in Utah. DOVE Center gives resources to victims so they can regain control of their lives and find safety. They provide a safe shelter, 24-hour hotline, individual therapy, support groups, and more for the St. George community. All services are free and available in Spanish.
In addition to the immediate trauma caused by abuse, domestic violence contributes to many chronic health problems including depression, alcohol and substance abuse. Survivors develop symptoms of anger, fear, anxiety, shame, and guilt following the abuse. Trauma impacts the mind, body, and behavior of the survivors. Trauma-informed counseling and support reduces the risk of these long-term problems and gives survivors tools to avoid future abuse.
While the numbers do not have a face, the women and children that the DOVE Center helps – do. Women find safe shelter and resources to escape abuse and heal. Children learn that the violence was not their fault. And rape victims regain hope as they learn to manage the memory and trauma.
SelectHealth recognizes the essential services provided by DOVE Center as another example of how Utah Gives Back.