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Davis County Health Department

The Davis County Health Department recently focused efforts to address the issue of opioid addiction throughout the county. The Department’s goal is to increase awareness of opioid addiction, identify populations at high risk of opioid overdose, and distribute Naloxone kits to individuals able to help others who have a high risk of overdose.
Naloxone is a medication designed to prevent overdose deaths. It is one of several resources being used to address opioid addiction in the county. Individuals treated with Naloxone are afforded time to seek adequate treatment and recover. Law enforcement and EMS agencies in Davis County administer Naloxone routinely. Faith based organizations, non-profit organizations, and pharmacies all work to disseminate Naloxone to county residents with a high risk of overdose and to their loved ones.
By increasing awareness of the issue in Davis County, the Health Department will help reduce the number of Davis County residents addicted to opioids and increase the number of individuals trained to administer naloxone to overdose victims.
SelectHealth recognizes the critical role provided by the Davis County Health Department as another example of how Utah Gives Back.