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Police arrest man in connection with Ogden fatal shooting; still searching for another

FILE Photo: Layton Police Department

LAYTON – A murder suspect in Ogden is in police custody after investigators found him inside an apartment complex in Layton.  However, police believe one more suspect is still at large.

Investigators say they were able to track down one man, Theron Farmer to the Stonehedge Apartment complex in Layton.  Farmer was wanted in connection with the shooting death of 18 year-old Kameron Johnson, and the shooting that seriously injured 20 year-old Eric Johnson.

(Family photo)

Layton Police Lieutenant Travis Lyman says they tried to negotiate with Farmer, but, that failed.

“The way the apartment was situated, it lended itself to be able to deploy some [tear]gas into the apartment.  That had the desired effect.  It was just a few minutes after that we were able to get him to surrender,” he says.

When Farmer did come out of the apartment, Lyman says he literally came out with his pants down.

Lyman says, “He was partially undressed because he was trying to decontaminate himself by getting into the shower and trying to clean off the gas when he was taken into custody.  That’s why he was in that condition.”

Farmer has been taken back to Ogden, where he’ll be interviewed then booked into jail.  Ogden police say they’re also searching for another suspect, but, they’re not releasing any details about that person, yet.