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warrant-free wasatch county justice court
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Wasatch Co. ‘warrant-free day’ considered success

Sheriff Jared Rigby. Photo courtesy of Wasatch Co. government

HEBER — The Wasatch Co. Sheriff’s Office says a “warrant-free” day, where residents with some minor warrants were allowed to come to court without facing arrest, is considered a success.

The trial run on Thursday landed about 30 cases by lunchtime, packing the Wasatch County Justice Court with many who had outstanding warrants. Those people were able to pay their fines and clear their cases without fear of going to jail.

“Some of those who came in told authorities they weren’t aware or had forgotten tickets because they had been issued years ago, and were appreciative that they could settle the matter without going to jail,” said Sheriff Jared Rigby.

Rigby says those with felony warrants, or first class misdemeanors were not included.

He says many with warrants that included such offenses as traffic or wildlife violations were able to come to court and pay their fees to further advance their cases.

Letters were sent out, and social media posts advertised the test program.  Rigby says he hopes more programs like the so-called “warrant-free day” can happen, helping to keep courts from overflow cases.