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firefighter injured
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Suspect charged in Orem church fire

A wildfire in Spanish Fork Canyon has prompted evacuations

OREM, Utah — A teen is facing charges of arson and burglary connected to an Orem church fire on Friday.

Early Friday morning, firefighter crews responded to reports of a meetinghouse for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that was on fire near 1200 N and 100 W in Orem.

The fire was made up of multiple small blazes at the church.

After the fires were extinguished, the police officers went to check on other churches in the area. At one nearby building they found eighteen-year-old Jillian Robinson trying to light another blaze.

(Utah County Jail)

Police found a water bottle that smelled like gasoline in her backpack, according to Lt. Craig Martinez.

Police say they also found some burglary tools and a Sharpie marker in her possession.

The police say the presence of the marker was significant because at the damaged church the words “Satan lives” were found scrawled on the church walls, written in Sharpie.

The first Orem church fire caused over half a million dollars in damage.