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SUU implements high tech accessibility upgrades

SUU is implementing a new high tech way to make the campus more accessible with an app that will open doors as you approach.

CEDAR CITY, Utah — A high tech solution is coming to the campus of Southern Utah University to help make the campus more accessible for everyone.

SUU has implemented and tested Portal Entryways, which is an app that uses Bluetooth technology to open exterior doors automatically when a student approaches.

The University says that at least one door on almost every campus building will be equipped with the technology installed that Christine Bonnett, the Disability Support Specialist for SUU, said she hopes that this will make the campus easier to navigate for everyone.

“We are so excited to have the Portal Entryways devices installed,” Bonnett said, “this provides easier access for anyone who can’t access a door, whether it’s a person in a wheelchair, a parent with a stroller, or a student with an armful of books.”