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North Salt Lake police urge caution after a reported attack on young girl

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SALT LAKE CITY – Police from North Salt Lake are asking parents to be extra cautious after a reported attack on a girl earlier this week at a park.

Authorities say it happened in the Foxboro neighborhood. Police did not give an age of the young girl, but did say she is between the ages of 8 and 11. Chief Craig Black says a young boy, possibly her same age, attacked her..

“We felt that we should err on the side of putting out what information we could even though it seems quite limited,” said Black. “Just so parents have some information to work off of as opposed to just not saying anything.”

Black confirms the girl did not know the attacker. He said that as of Thursday afternoon the girl was home and is recovering from her injuries.

Police are still working to gather more information.

“We need to understand that we’re working with a young child who is both emotionally and physically not in really great condition at this point,” Black said.

He says police do not have the sense they’re looking for a predator, but they are not exactly sure either. They have increased patrols in the area.