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SWAT standoff resolved in Magna

(Photo: Derek Petersen) After a man barricaded himself in the bathroom of a fast food restaurant and started firing shots. The situation was resolved and the man arrested just after 5 am.

MAGNA, Utah — A man that barricaded himself inside of the bathroom of a Magna Burger King near 8400 W has been resolved.

The standoff started shortly before midnight when a man locked himself inside the bathroom and started firing shots.

Detective Kevin Mallory said he pulled out the weapon shortly after Police responded after employees called to say that the man wouldn’t leave.

“While we’ve been here the suspect has been in the bathroom firing shots,” Det. Mallory said.

“We don’t know that he was firing in any particular direction, but he has been actively firing while we’ve been on the scene.”

No other buildings appear to have been hit, and police were able to resolve the situation that resulted in the man being arrested shortly before 5:30 Wednesday morning.

Unified Police originally asked for schools in the area to be closed but upon the resolution of the standoff, all classes will be back in session.