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Lynda Carter offers wonderful performance at FanX

File - Lynda Carter (Photo by Desiree Navarro/Getty Images)

Lynda Carter, widely known as the actress who portrayed Wonder Woman, made a laughter and applause-filled appearance at FanX on Saturday.

The crowd at FanX gave Lynda Carter a riotous welcome to the woman who is known for championing goodness.

A man in the crowd asked Carter how she feels, at her age, “to be so good-looking,” making “other women angry.”

Lynda Carter is 67 years old.

Carter responded to the first question with dignity and respect. The Wonder Woman actress showed how she is a living heroine.

First, Carter directly addresses the man by saying, “It was such a stupid question.”

Carter, however, seemed unwilling to simply and quickly dismiss the question for its inference that women are commonly jealous of other women’s beauty.

In her answer, Carter reaffirms the high and noble character embodied by Wonder Woman.

“Wonder Woman doesn’t make other women angry,” Carter replies, receiving a loud, long applause.

“This is the twenty-first century,” Carter continues, “We are strong.”

She affirmed the positive roles of the men in her life.

“By the way, we love our guys. I have a fabulous husband of thirty-six years. I have a fabulous son. I have a fabulous father and nephew and I love the men in my life. I’m very close with them, with the men in my life, I adore them.”

Then, Carter made a statement that was received with cheers by the crowd at the morning panel.

“They champion me as I champion them. They do not need to be feminists. We can do that by ourselves,” Carter said. “We know how to do that. We are not asking you guys to be feminists. We want you to be our champions.”

A member of the crowd, a mother, said she has tremendous respect for any celebrity who leave their craft to be a parent. The mother asked Carter for advice on raising kids.

For raising girls, Carter says, “You gotta rely on the dad with the girl when she hits the teenage years because everything you do they don’t like. They love you. They just don’t like anything that you do until they hit their twenties. It’s a long stretch!”

For raising boys, Carter says, when he gets to a certain age a mom can still call him “honey, little darling angel, but just not around his friends.”

Lynda Carter took a question from a school teacher who asked how to make a difference in someone’s life.

Carter replies, “Humor is one of the great things we can all share.”