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Ivory Homes- Planting Trees

Trees are essential to life because they create the very air we breathe and filter air pollution. Ivory Homes has generously committed to donate and plant 30,000 trees in Utah to improve air quality and protect our quality of life. Trees provide economic benefit by providing shade for your house that reduces heating and cooling bills and well treed homes can raise your property value by up to 15%. Planting a fruit tree can provide fresh produce throughout the season. Each new tree cleans up to 48 pounds of carbon dioxide annually, making our air cleaner. During a storm, the canopy and root systems act as a sponge and filter, cleaning the water as it seeps into the water table.

All these benefits are important for protecting and rejuvenating our planet and can also provide social and psychological benefits by reducing stress and increasing concentration. Join us on April 26th to plant trees at Mount View Park in Cottonwood Heights.

If you want to help out, please let us know on