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UDOT looking for input on Highway 89 expansion

Some residents in Davis county aren't excited about some changes set to come to Highway 89. (PHOTO: UDOT)

LAYTON, Utah — The Utah Department of Transportation held an open house on Tuesday at Layton High School to present their refined plans and look for more public input about a 9-mile expansion of Highway 89 in Davis County. The changes would affect the road between Fruit Heights and I-84.

UDOT Project Director for the Highway 89 project, Mike Romero, said in a video introducing UDOT’s survey about the project that during the environmental study before the project three major concerns came up: road height, noise, and the views.

That feedback led UDOT to make some major changes including the decision was made to route Highway 89 under the city streets.

Some Davis County residents are unhappy with the proposed changes though, Jeremy Cantor, who was at Tuesday’s open house was one of those that wasn’t happy with the project.

“It’s basically the big bully on the block doing exactly what they want to do regardless of what’s in the best interest of the residents and the community and the smart improvements of HWY 89 that would benefit all and future residents of Davis County,” Cantor said.

Fruit Heights City Councilwoman Jeanne Groberg who is also a member of ReVu89 said she’s pleased though with the way she feels that UDOT has been open to new ideas and willing to work with residents.

“The changes that have happened with the design have been positive, as far as they have gone, and I’ve been really encouraged by that,” Groberg told KSLTV.

“Inasmuch as UDOT continues to listen to the residents, I support that and hope they’ll continue to make changes that they’re able to make.”

One of the ways that UDOT is looking for input from the public is through an online survey about the highway aesthetics

You can see more of the mockups where you can see how the project will look around the cross streets involved as well as new frontage roads, noise walls, and what the construction process will look like.

You can find and take that survey here.