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Layton water valve problems
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Water main breaks leaves hundreds of Layton residents without water

Photo: KSL / iStockPhoto

LAYTON — Hundreds of residents in Layton were without water on Thursday as a result of a failing water pressure valve. The failing valve dominoed into 11 water breaks around the city, officials said.

The water issue affected about 2000 homes in Layton.

The problem was discovered early Thursday, shortly before 8 a.m. Crews discovered the leak and proceeded to handle repairs, said Steve Garside, the public information officer for Layton.

Thirty minutes later, another leak was discovered, Garside said.

“And then we knew there was a problem in the system,” he said.

Too much pressure to be sent into the water system due to a failing pressure valve.

“We ended up with a total of 12 breaks, but only 11 of them were related,” he said.

Garside said crews should be finished up with repairs by late Thursday, about 10 p.m.