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Clean up continues after a train wreck near the Utah border

LINCOLN COUNTY, Nevada– A mile-long train derailed near the Utah border, however, officials said it could have been much worse.

According to Lincoln County officials, the Union Pacific train was carrying hazmat materials when the train hit “rail failure,” in the curvy, steep Rainbow Canyon near St. George. The train, consisting of 33 cars, rammed together dumping brand new vehicles over the edge of the tracks. The train was transporting over 300 bright and shiny new cars.

Sherrif Kerry Lee said rail failure occurred because the 50-degree temperature swing caused the rail to expand and contract. “That’s usually the cause,” said Sherrif Lee. “the expansion and contraction of the rail.” He mentioned the conditions worsen when curves play a factor.

The cars carrying hazardous materials wasn’t far from where the train derailed. “The train derailed right between two hazardous material loads,” said Sherrif Lee.

Miraculously, cars holding toxic materials stayed upright and didn’t tip over, allowing officials to exhale a sigh of relief.

Sherrif Lee said the rail should be open by the end of the day, but clean up will take about a week.