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Family hoping to fly desperately ill father of 5 home to Utah

A family from Wellington, Utah is trying to bring a father of five home from Ecuador after he suffered a devastating medical episode. Forty-two-year-old James Campbell is in a hospital in the city of Cuenta, where he’d gone on a business trip.

His father-in-law, Randy Dieterle, says he’s had excellent care there and they’ve managed to stabilize his condition. But they have to fly him home to Utah to get his aortic dissection surgically repaired.

“If he’s not back here, the aorta could let loose, I’ll use those terms, let loose at any point and he’d be gone almost immediately.”

The flights back to Salt Lake City will cost about $46,000. The family has a GoFundMe page called Save a Dad where they’re asking for help from the community.