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Saturday record for heat
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Heat advisory for next two days along Wasatch Front

(PHOTO: Getty Images)

SALT LAKE CITY — The triple-digit temperatures Monday and Tuesday mean a heat advisory for Northern Utah.


We could see temperatures at 100, 102, even 105 degrees for the Salt Lake and Tooele Valleys, and the southern and northern Wasatch front. But low temperatures won’t dip below the mid-70s, meaning there won’t be much overnight relief.


Doctors say when temperatures get this high, it’s common to see people end up at the ER with signs of heat illness and dehydration.

“Take frequent breaks if you’re out working or exercising in the sun, get in the shade, drink lots of water,” said Dr Joseph Bledsoe.

“If you’re elderly or have young children — keep them out of the sun altogether.

“If you start to have confusion, altered mental status, lethargy, or unconsciousness — any of those things are sings that you’re developing heat stroke,” he said.


Wednesday may see some cloud cover and chance of a little rain to break up the extreme heat.