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Firefighters worry about firework-sparked wildfires ahead of Pioneer Day

KSL file photo

SALT LAKE CITY –¬†Unified Fire is worried about wildfires being sparked by fireworks over Pioneer Day.

Most of the fires on Pioneer Day have historically been started by fireworks.

Spokesman Keith Garner says the hot weather has dried out a lot of grass around people’s homes, and many fires are started when sparks fly into nearby fields.

“There’s only about 10% moisture content [in the grass], so they’re going to burn a lot faster and a lot easier. It’s going to be fast and furious,” Garner says.

“One little ember, one little spark can set [a field] off,” Garner continues.

Unified Fire is asking people who choose to use fireworks over the holiday to have a 50 foot buffer zone around their homes and keep a bucket of water on hand to fully douse any fireworks or sparklers.