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Strawberry Reservoir
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The bodies of two missing brothers found in Strawberry Reservoir

State park ranger boat looking for two missing brothers. Photo courtesy of Wasatch County Sheriffs Office.

STRAWBERRY RESERVOIR — The bodies of two brothers who went missing when boating on July 8, 2019, were found Sunday at Strawberry Reservoir.

Wasatch Search and Rescue found┬áthe bodies of James “Jim” Gardiner, 70, of Salem, and Mark Gardiner, 61, of Pleasant Grove.

On Thursday, searchers found the abandoned boat and called local authorities. Search and rescue crews noted they were unable to identify the owner of the boat.

Wasatch County Sheriff Jared Rigby said he was unsure about what happened to the brothers.

“There was some kind of accident that occurred on the water while they were fishing and they were working to help each other,” said Rigby.

Wasatch Search and Rescue used SONAR technology designed to help look underwater to locate the missing brothers.

Sherrif Rigby noted a lot of people came together and personally thanked the Gardiner family for their efforts. He hopes the end of the search brings the families closure.