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Fourth Street Clinic

The mid-80s brought an economic renewal to Salt Lake City’s downtown that resulted in the demolition of buildings that housed many of our low-income residents.  When this happened, more than a thousand people were cut off from their homes and jobs and unable to afford healthcare.

Fourth Street Clinic was created to provide full medical services to those experiencing homelessness and now helps more than 5,000 people each year. Patients have access to primary care, dental, behavioral health, chronic disease management, specialty care and pharmacy services.

Homelessness is challenging and can lead to serious health concerns. By increasing access to primary care, the clinic is a major partner in ending homelessness, promoting community health, and achieving across-the-board health care savings. Continued financial support, from people like you, means access to health care for men, women, and children who would not otherwise receive it. Visit to donate.

SelectHealth recognizes the critical care provided by Fourth Street Clinic as another example of how Utah Gives Back.