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More demand for birthing coaches in Utah County

The coronavirus pandemic is taking its toll on the birth rate in this country and that could have some serious consequences in the future. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images.)

PROVO, Utah (AP) — The number of expecting mothers using a doula to coach and support them during birth is growing in Utah County.

The Daily Herald reports hospitals and maternity organizations across the county are seeing a rising demand for birth coaches who provide physical and emotional support to a person in labor.

Doulas aren’t licensed but many receive some form of certification or training. Some hospitals in Utah have a volunteer doula program.

Birthing coach Melissa Chappell said the rise in demand for doulas can be credited to social media and younger women who are more comfortable opening up to each other about birth.

She said many of her clients are first-time mothers, women in their 20s and people who have had poor birth experiences.
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