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Guess How a French Bulldog Survives a Six-Story Fall

NEW YORK– A French bulldog went free fallin’ off a 6-story building…and survived.

Winston escaped from his owner after a walk, bolted up the stairs of the apartment, and went straight for the roof of the building. Attempting to play a game of “keep away,” Winston ran the length of the roof.

However, before he could slow down, it was too late and Winston tumbled over the edge.


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Emma Heiny, Winston’s parent, explained on Instagram she “watched him disappear over the edge, falling six stories landing with a terrifying crash.”

Of course, expecting the worst, Emma rushed down the stairs with the expectation of seeing a lifeless dog. To her surprise (and relief) Winston was alive and well!

But how?

Winston fell straight through a car sunroof!! He literally smashed through the sunroof.

“He managed to break his fall perfectly on top of the car’s closed sunroof. He crashed through it and tumbled safely into the front seat,” Emma said.

Emma said her pup was “sitting up in the front seat of a parked car looking at the stunned crowd surrounding him.”

She climbed on top of the hood of the car, grabbed her pup, and rushed Winston to the vet. Miracles really do happen because Winston walked away with few scratches. He didn’t break a single bone.