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Oregon tree camping
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Utah family has tree fall on car while camping in Oregon

Photo: Laural Porter | Facebook

CANNON BEACH, Oregon — A Utah family on vacation in the coastal Oregon town of Cannon Beach were woken up with quite the start over the weekend when a tree fell on their family van.

Shawn Snow, his wife and their five kids were visiting the Oregon coast when the tree came crashing down Saturday night. Snow says he and his wife were in the van and their kids were all in a tent about five feet away.

“We were actually totally asleep, and then I felt the car bouncing and shaking all over,” Shawn told KGW. “I thought somebody was outside the car, pranking us or something. I got out of the car, looked around, and almost went back in the car to go back to bed, and then somebody told us to look up, and there was a tree on the car.”

No one was injured.